Welcome beautifuls , I'm Jackque and my daughter is Sara. If you came across our page it probably means you're looking for some low carb goodies. Here's a little about why we started baking gluten-free, sugar-free, LCHF desserts.

We started this company when I began my keto journey. Being carb obsessed and coming from a family where it's routine to dips pan dulce every morning in a warm cup of coffee & at night if you had an amazing day! Well it’s no wonder why health issues such as diabetes happen. We love the sweet life, it's true!

But I knew I had to make a change! Not just for myself but for the ones I love. So I started the keto diet, YAY!!! But wait, now I had to find a way to satisfy my carb obsessed taste buds without feeling deprived and miserable. Humm.. Basically impossible, right?  Welp, luckily for me I love cooking and baking with a passion & Sara has picked up on it also. LOVE IT!

We started playing in the kitchen with my old recipes. First we switched out the old flour with almond flour, then sugars with monk fruit and we kept going...Little by little the bakes became a hit with the boys. Eventually all our friends & family tasted them and convinced me to share them with you guys. & here we are today. Hoping our treats put a smile on you face, and help you on your own personal journeys as well.

We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for shopping J and S Sweets! 

J and S Sweets Owner, Jackque Olmos

J and S Sweets Owner, Jackque Olmos